340. To establish trust in poverty measurement and prevent misguided policies, Statistical Offices have to regularly assess and continuously improve the quality of their processes and accuracy of their data. Quality reports which describe the quality criteria and explain any instances in which these criteria could not be met, or statistical concepts could not be correctly applied will not only facilitate the correct interpretation but can also provide the basis for future improvements. The World Bank’s Report of the Commission on Global Poverty recommended that “The World Bank should make public the principles according to which household survey data are selected for use in the global poverty count; and there should be an assessment at national level of the availability and quality of the required household survey data…” The Commission suggested in particular investigating potential survey underrepresentation and noncoverage. It also recommended that “…poverty estimates should be based on a ‘total error’ approach, evaluating the possible sources and magnitude of error…” (World Bank 2017 recommendations number 6, 3 and 5 on pages 33, 50 and 59). Certain errors are especially relevant for disaggregation.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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