This Guide is the result of the joint work of the members of the Task Force on Exchange and Sharing of Economic Data, composed of Timo Koskimäki (Chair, Statistics Finland), James Tebrake (Statistics Canada/International Monetary Fund (IMF)), Catherine van Rompaey (Statistics Canada/World Bank), Peter Bøegh Nielsen (Statistics Denmark), Kristian Taskinen (Statistics Finland), Michael Connolly and Ruth O’Shaughnessy (Central Statistical Office, Ireland), Simone Ambroselli (National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), Italy), Francisco Guillen Martin (National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Mexico (INEGI)), Rodolfo Ostolaza (INEGI/Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)), Gerard Eding (Statistics Netherlands), Katarzyna Walkowska (Statistics Poland), Sanjiv Mahajan (Office for National Statistics (ONS), United Kingdom), Patricia Abaroa (Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), United States), Tjeerd Jellema (European Central Bank (ECB)), Daniel Suranyi (Eurostat/ECB), Mushtaq Hussain and Pekka Alajääskö (Eurostat), Jolanta Stefanska and Sanjeev Gupta (International Monetary Fund (IMF)), Mariarosa Lunati (OECD), Rami Peltola and Tihomira Dimova (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)) and Benson Sim (United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)).

Sustainable Development Goals:
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