Design and implementation of electronic census questionnaires (eCensuses) in Latin America

According to the principles and recommendations for population and housing censuses, (revision 3) (United Nations, 2017), the use of electronic questionnaires for self-enumeration results in much lower operating costs. The electronic questionnaire is made available on Internet portals or sent by email with appropriate security, as an alternative to using paper questionnaires or mobile data capture devices (MCD) in face-to-face interviews. In the case of combined data collection (multimodal or mixed approach), it is necessary to have a housing control and follow-up system that guarantees the coverage and completeness of the responses (United Nations, 2017). The alternative of using electronic questionnaires, which, in addition to reducing costs, seeks to achieve efficiency in the data collection or solve immediate coverage problems, must aim to guarantee the quality and integrity of the data and obtain adequate measurements of the population’s size and structure.

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