The Technology and Innovation Report 2021 was prepared under the overall guidance of Shamika N. Sirimanne, Director of the Division on Technology and Logistics, by a team comprising Clovis Freire (team leader), Bob Bell, Daisuke Maruichi and Laura Cyron. Susan Cozzens (Professor Emerita, Georgia Tech) and Alfred Watkins (Chairman of the Global Solutions Summit) were part of the team as consultant external experts. Abiy Solomon, Eugenia Nunez, Kamal Tahiri Jouti, Katalin Bokor, Maria Godunova, Miguel Perez- Ludena and Xinxin Pan provided substantive inputs. The work of the team was supervised by Angel González Sanz; Dong Wu (until 15 July 2020) and Liping Zhang (from 15 July 2020) provided substantive comments and suggestions.

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