Japan and The NICs

Science has played a key role in Japan's development since 1868 by transforming the productive base of its economy and influencing its society and culture. Having overcome many natural constraints to become one of the industrialized countries that lead the world in scientific research and technological innovation, Japan continues to believe that its future prosperity is heavily dependent on science and technology (S&T). Similarly, the role of S&T in the dramatic economic growth of the newly industrialized countries (NICs) of Asia since the 1960s cannot be overstated. Lacking the scientific tradition and the degree of industrialization that Japan possessed at the time, these countries launched a vigorous programme of S&T capability acquisition in order to support their burgeoning foreign-financed industries. This article briefly reviews the manner in which S&T has been utilized by Japan and the NICs to achieve industrial development and economic prosperity.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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