Global agricultural production stagnated in both 1987 and 1 9 8 8: overall output remained at approximately 198 6 levels. Output fell by about 5 percent in the developed market economies. Drought-stricken North America registered a large decline in food production. Western European output also declined. Oceania saw modest increases. Eastern Europe and the USSR recovered somewhat in 1988 from the previous year’s poor performance, but only Bulgaria had a truly good year. Romanian and Czech production fell sharply in 1988. Polish output also declined. Production increased in Africa, the Far East and the Near East, where it had declined or stagnated in most areas in 1987. African per caput food production rose by 1 percent. Agricultural output in Latin America and the Caribbean fluctuated, a strong output in 1987 being sandwiched between poor output in 1986 and 1988. Increases in food crop production in China slowed significantly in 1988 from the high growth rates of recent years, and livestock production rose only slightly.

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