Country and area nomenclature, regional and other groupings

image of Country and area nomenclature, regional and other groupings

The Statistical Yearbook lists countries or areas based on the United Nations Standard Country Codes (Series M, No. 49), prepared by the Statistics Division of the United Nations Secretariat and first issued in 1970 . The list of countries or areas; the composition of geographical regions and economic, trade and other groupings used within this yearbook (as at 31 July 2018) are presented in this Annex. The names of countries or areas refer to their short form used in day-to-day operations of the United Nations and not necessarily to their official name as used in formal documents . As an aid to statistical data processing, a unique standard three- digit numerical code is assigned to each country or area and to each geographical region and grouping of countries or areas. For reference, these codes, where applicable, are presented to the left of each country or area listed in this Annex. These codes range from 000 to 899, inclusive.

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