The present document describes a detailed survey of specific issues: the rationale, objectives, methodology, organization and expected results of a project activity that aims to develop Regional Biomass Action Plans in the regions of the Russian Federation within the framework of the UNECE project ‘Development of Sustainable Biomass Trade and Export Opportunities from Selected Regions of the Russian Federation’. The publication begins with an introduction chapter, which gives an overview of the content of the document, followed by chapter 2 which describes the current UNECE biomass project and focuses on its organization, goal and scope. Chapter 3 identifies the development of federal policies towards biomass use in Russia and discusses governance and development programmes existing at the regional level. Chapter 4 reflects the importance, goals and content of the biomass action plans. Finally, chapter 5 gives information and a number of recommendations regarding how the action plans should be developed, the research and evaluation method, and the creation of commitment to the Plan.

Related Subject(s): Environment and Climate Change
Sustainable Development Goals:
Countries: Russian Federation
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