In 2007, United Nations efforts to advance the status of women worldwide continued to be guided by the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, adopted at the Fourth (1995) World Conference on Women, and the outcome of the General Assembly’s twenty-third (2000) special session, which reviewed progress in their implementation (Beijing+5). The Secretary-General decided to spearhead a multi-year system-wide campaign to eliminate violence against women and girls through 2015, coinciding with the target date of the Millennium Development Goals, and the Assembly adopted three resolutions addressing violence against women, including sexual violence and violence against migrant workers. The Assembly also adopted resolutions on the girl child, ending obstetric fistula, women in development and the situation of women in rural areas, and proclaimed 15 October as the International Day of Rural Women. On the issue of women, peace and security, the Security Council urged the Secretary-General to appoint more women as special representatives and envoys. Attention also focused on rape and sexual violence in armed conflict.

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