Selected data compilation issues

image of Selected data compilation issues

This chapter provides additional information on goods for processing (Section A), goods for repair (section B), re-exports (section C) and the feasibility of an FOB-type valuation of imports (section D). This information is of special interest to trade statisticians in view of the data collection problems frequently encountered and the importance of these cases for clarification of the relationship between trade statistics compiled on the basis of International Merchandise Trade Statistics, Concepts and Definitions, Revision 2 (IMTS, Rev.2) and those compiled on the basis of the Balance of Payments Manual, fifth and the sixth editions (BPM5 and BPM6). Chapter 5 contains a complete overview of the adjustments that need to be made to international merchandise trade data in order to approximate trade flows on the BPM6 basis.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
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