During the 2008-2009 biennium, the Natural Resources and Infrastructure Division produced analyses and research and provided technical cooperation services to Governments, civil society and academia, aimed at improving public policy formulation in the areas of management of natural resources and the provision of public utility and infrastructure services to support sustainable development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. New lines of action were established, such as sustainable transportation and road safety, while others, including logistics and multimodal transport, were reinforced under the paradigm of an integrated policy of infrastructure, transport and logistics, which the Division is promoting among the Governments of Latin America and the Caribbean. Among its many different areas of work, the Division focused on strengthening the institutional capacitiy of countries in the region to formulate and implement public policies and regulatory frameworks in order to increase efficiency in the sustainable management of natural resources and the provision of public utilities and infrastructure services, and in coordinating and sharing best practices, through an extensive list of publications, initiatives and technical cooperation services, with a view to harmonizing policies in its areas of expertise.

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Sustainable Development Goals:
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