The international community comes together periodically at the United Nations to take stock of progress towards important and broadly held goals; to examine commitments made to reach those goals; to take note of examples of success and lessons learned, including inconsistencies among different policies; and to recommit to achieving the goals through new, more fully integrated and more thoroughly implemented policy commitments. From 20 to 22 September 2010, the sixty-fifth United Nations General Assembly hosted a meeting of this kind, the High-level Plenary Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The present report, prepared by the MDG Gap Task Force, examines implementation through the first half of 2011 of the Millennium Development Goal 8 (MDG 8) commitments initially made at the Millennium Summit in 20001 and subsequently updated at the 2005 World Summit and the September 2010 High-level Plenary Meeting, as well as in other forums. Together, these pledges and practices constitute the global partnership for development.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
Sustainable Development Goals:
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