This report analyzes the findings, conclusions and recommendations of an independent evaluation of the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) contribution to socio-economic and human development in Jordan over the course of two programme cycles during 1998–2007. This Assessment of Development Results (ADR) focuses on the strategic positioning of UNDP within the policy environment in Jordan, and assesses whether the UNDP Country Office (CO) has been able to make critical and tangible contributions to development results in the country. A key goal of the evaluation was to examine whether UNDP CO initiatives and interventions were aligned with medium-and long-term needs and priorities of the country as a whole. Such priorities include Jordan’s ongoing efforts to promote economic liberalization and political reform and the longer-term process of preparing the country and its people to assume a competitive place as a knowledge economy in the global environment.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
Countries: Jordan
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