This Handbook is intended as practical guidance for Civil Affairs Officers on the ground, as well as an orientation for people preparing for civil affairs work. It is divided into three parts and includes key concepts, current practice, lessons learned and tips. It can either be read as a whole or in individual stand-alone sections. Part I aims to familiarize users with the context of civil affairs work and UN peacekeeping, including key trends, reforms and cross-cutting themes. Part II discusses the guiding principles, skills and attitudes required for civil affairs work, and provides tips and tools on analysis, planning and managing civil affairs components in field missions. Part III focuses on the implementation of the three core civil affairs roles: cross-mission liaison, monitoring and facilitation at the local level; confidence-building, conflict management and support to the development of political space; and support to the restoration and extension of state authority. It also provides tips and good practices on implementing Quick Impact Projects (QIPs).

Related Subject(s): Democracy and Governance
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