This paper seeks to assess the effect of RCPs on migration governance. Migration governance is an essential but (as is generally the case when “governance” is discussed) slippery concept. Governance is often narrowly defined as statutory outputs, particularly a new or revised law. The passage of a law, however, is only a final product of governance. This study suggests that it is more useful to conceive of governance as a process that starts at the perception and definition of a migration issue and may culminate in the laws, policies, practices and procedures through which governments respond to migration phenomena. Such a process will consist of different stages and incorporate a variety of actors at various levels of decision-making. Therefore, this study is as interested in the “how” of the process through which states think about, debate and address migration issues as it is in the “what” of the final outcome of the process in terms of laws, policies and practices.

Related Subject(s): Migration
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