Recent trends and outlook for the LDCs

This chapter analyses recent macroeconomic trends in LDCs and their performance in terms of economic growth, international trade and external finance. It shows that their economic performance has been substantially worse in the last three years than in the previous boom period and that some indicators have not yet reached pre-crisis levels. In addition, the current world economic situation and its implications for LDCs are analysed briefly. The main conclusion is that the growth of LDCs in the medium term will be constrained by the fragile recovery in the global economy and its negative impact on the growth of developing economies, which have been the main drivers of LDC growth in recent years. Finally, there is a small statistical annex at the end of the chapter which served as a basis for the analysis provided and which presents more detailed data at the level of national economies or different groupings of LDCs.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
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