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Under this topic, the Commission is now focusing for the time being on codification of the law on transboundary groundwaters (aquifers and aquifer systems). The work is progressing in the form of formulation of draft articles on the basis of the proposals by the Special Rapporteur contained in his third report (A/CN.4/551 and Add.1). In its report to the General Assembly on the work of its fifty-sixth session in 2004, the Commission requested States and relevant intergovernmental organizations to provide information in reply to the questionnaire prepared by  the Special Rapporteur. The responses received from 23 States and three intergovernmental organizations (A/CN.4/555 and Add.1) were very useful to the Commission in its current work. Accordingly, the Commission requests those States and intergovernmental organizations that have not yet responded to submit detailed and precise information on the basis of the questionnaire prepared by the Special Rapporteur.

Related Subject(s): International Law and Justice
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