Unilateral acts of state

In his seventh report on unilateral acts of States the Special Rapporteur presented a number of examples showing the practice of States with regard to unilateral acts. Not all of them, as stated in the report, were unilateral acts in the strict sense of the term, but references to and consideration of them remained highly relevant nonetheless. The International Law Commission considered the report, expressed a favourable opinion of the progress made on the topic, and created, in order to proceed with work on the topic, an open-ended Working Group on unilateral acts of States, chaired by Mr. Alain Pellet, which considered the proposals of the Special Rapporteur. In the course of six sessions, the Working Group considered some of the cases presented by the Special Rapporteur and agreed that some of them would be analysed in accordance with the specific framework to be adopted on that occasion, and to which reference is made below.

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