Diplomatic protection

The Commission at its forty-eighth session, in 1996, identified the topic of “Diplomatic protection” as one of three topics appropriate for codification and progressive development. In the same year, the General Assembly, in paragraph 13 of its resolution 51/160 of 16 December 1996, invited the Commission further to examine the topic and to indicate its scope and content in the light of the comments and observations made during the debate in the Sixth Committee and of any written comments that Governments might wish to make. At its forty-ninth session, in 1997, the Commission, pursuant to the above General Assembly resolution, established at its 2477th meeting a Working Group on the topic. The Working Group submitted a report at the same session which was endorsed by the Commission. The Working Group attempted to: (a) clarify the scope of the topic to the extent possible; and (b) identify issues winch should be studied in the context of the topic. The Working Group proposed an outline for consideration of the topic which the Commission recommended to form the basis for the submission of a preliminary report by the Special Rapporteur.

Related Subject(s): International Law and Justice
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