Boosting Intra-African trade in the context of developmental regionalism

This chapter begins with the recognition that boosting intra-African trade cannot be done in isolation. To be successful and have maximum impact, it has to be part of an overall strategy to promote private sector development and regional integration in Africa. In this context, the chapter considers the basic tenets for promoting private sector development and boosting intra-African trade within the framework of developmental regional integration. It explores the defining features and scope of developmental regionalism and compares it to the predominant paradigm of market-led regional integration that is characterized by a specific focus on the reduction of tariffs and the elimination of other border measures that inhibit cross-border trade in Africa. A brief review of African integration reveals that, although there are elements of a developmental integration agenda in some subregions, a comprehensive, coherent developmental integration agenda has yet to be developed and implemented.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
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