Participation in the proceedings of the security council

This chapter deals with the Security Council’s practice in extending invitations to participate in its proceedings. Articles 31 and 32 of the Charter and rules 37 and 39 of the provisional rules of procedure of the Security Council provide for invitations to be extended to non-members of the Security Council in the following circumstances: (a) when a Member of the United Nations brings a dispute or situation to the attention of the Council in accordance with Article 35 (1) of the Charter (rule 37); (b) when a Member of the United Nations or a State that is not a member of the United Nations is “a party to a dispute” (Article 32); (c) when the interests of a Member of the United Nations are “specially affected” (Article 31 and rule 37); and (d) when “members of the Secretariat or other persons” are invited to supply information or give other assistance (rule 39). Only in relation to Article 32 (instance (b) above) does the Security Council have an obligation to extend an invitation.

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