Global change and the role of the natural sciences

image of Global change and the role of the natural sciences

The basic purpose of the natural sciences is to understand the dynamism of nature by applying deduction based on physical and chemical laws and validating the results with observational and experimental data. Therefore, it is considered important to find the essential phenomenon by filtering the various noises that are included in the natural phenomena, and to analyse it. At the same time, quantitative expression is preferred to qualitative expression. Most discussion and deduction is based on countable quantities. Thus, the analytical method tends to become the dominant method because it applies logic to a target phenomenon and then explores its mechanism. Usually, mathematical expression is used to represent the logic. Of course, the analytical method is not the only method in the natural sciences. Other methods include observation and description, where the emphasis is on knowing nature itself and every detail is well documented. These primary data are organized on the basis of the topic’s characteristics and the scientist’s interest. Through this process, filtering is conducted.

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