Specific recommendations to consider at the national and regional levels

The first recommendation to consider, at the national level, is to provide technical assistance in the establishment of a sustainable and responsible business ‘Council’ in various Asia Pacific countries, intended to: i) develop a national strategy for the promotion of sustainable and responsible business, based on informed diagnostic research and stakeholder consultation; ii) coordinate the various efforts of relevant government agencies in the design and implementation of that strategy, likely to take the form of a time-bound action plan; iii) serve as a permanent platform for stakeholder inputs in the pursuit of that strategy, from conceptualization through to enactment; iv) monitor and evaluate progress being made, and provide strategic oversight of what is likely to require a flexible and evolving set of foci; and v) generally serve as a resource in the pursuit of sustainable and responsible business activity in the relevant host economy.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
Sustainable Development Goals:
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