The analysis has attempted to provide an overview of the agricultural trade facilitation, its status, concerns and remedies in the Asia-Pacific region. The first part of the paper mainly argued that agricultural trade is highly significant for is economic growth and there is further potential for Asia-Pacific to gain from this trade. It analyses the growth trend of agricultural trade and compares with leading trading countries globally. Although not beyond manufacturing, a definitive growth-trend of agricultural trade for the Asia-Pacific region is observed. It also looks at the value of trade in comparison with top trading countries in the World. The contribution of Asia-Pacific countries in intra-regional trade was analysed. The analysis mainly recognized the excellent growth trend for agro-trade and significant contribution of few Asia-Pacific countries to such growth. The traded product categories reflected the higher incomes of Asia-Pacific economies. The chapter ended by highlighting why facilitating agricultural trade is important for the Asia-Pacific region.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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