The authors of the studies and the ARTNeT secretariat received invaluable research guidance, constructive comments and suggestions from advisor to this project Professor Sisira Jayasuriya, Monash University, Australia, and other experts whom the authors have acknowledged for specific studies. The project was coordinated by Dr. Mia Mikic, Chief, Trade Policy and Analysis Section, ESCAP under the general guidance of Dr. Ravi Ratnayake, Director, Trade and Investment Division, ESCAP. The authors have also had the opportunity to discuss their methodology and preliminary findings during the ARTNeT conference on “Empirical and policy issues of integration in Asia and the Pacific” on 1 to 2 November 2012 held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in which the discussants, Mr. Denis Hew, Mr. Jason Lao, Mr. Sarath Rajapatirana, Dr. Nagesh Kumar and other participants provided very useful comments and suggestions. Notwithstanding this, any remaining errors and omissions in this publication should be attributed to the authors only and not to the advisors and benevolent commentators. There are many other people that needed to be thanked, without implicating them in the views expressed in this volume, for assisting through the process, since the design of ARTNeT Phase III until preparation of these selected studies for the publication. These include Ms. Melanie Ramjoue who contributed to the formulation of the Phase III programme and Mr. Adam Heal who has coordinated the preparation of the book for print. The studies in the book were edited by Ms. Nicole Colmar and other research under the programme by Mr. Robert Oliver both of whom should be thanked for more uniform style of the material presented but should not be blamed for the content remaining. Ms. Panjai Limchupong, Ms. Tavitra Ruyaphorn and Ms. Chaveemon Sukpaibool have all contributed in different but important ways towards the fruition of the project. Mr. Teemu Alexander Puutio has provided technical support to the ARTNeT Secretariat and also, with Yisi Chen, the idea for the cover page of the book. The International Development Research Centre’s support since the establishment of ARTNeT and during this phase is gratefully acknowledged. This support proved to have been the factor that made an important difference in the effectiveness of research capacity-building in the trade and trade-related areas under ARTNeT since 2004. This, combined with a significant substantive contribution from the ESCAP secretariat as well as a technical support in the implementation of the projects, have been instrumental in the growing presence of ARTNeT in the region.

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