In 2013, the value of merchandise exports of Samoa decreased substantially by 18.4 percent to reach 62.1 mln US$, while its merchandise imports increased moderately by 6.1 percent to reach 366.6 mln US$ (see graph 1, table 2 and table 3). The merchandise trade balance recorded a relatively large deficit of 304.5 mln US$ (see graph 1). The largest merchandise trade balance was with MDG Developed ASPAC at -115.5 mln US$ (see graph 4). Merchandise exports in Samoa were highly concentrated amongst partners; imports were moderately concentrated. The top 4 partners accounted for 80 percent or more of exports and 5 partners accounted for 80 percent or more of imports (see graph 5). In 2012, the value of exports of services of Samoa increased substantially by 12.8 percent, reaching 193.0 mln US$, while its imports of services increased substantially by 28.8 percent and reached 100.2 mln US$ (see graph 2). There was a large trade in services surplus of 92.8 mln US$.

Related Subject(s): International Trade and Finance
Countries: American Samoa
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