The national accounts of Bulgaria are prepared each year by the Macroeconomic statistics Directorate of the National Statistics Institute (NSI) based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Results have been issued in several official publications. Since 1995, the National Statistics Institute (NSI) of Bulgaria presents the annual specialized publication “Main Macroeconomics Indicators for the Bulgaria”. The publication presents time series data for Bulgaria's gross domestic product (GDP) for the 1995-2011 period; main indicators characterizing the economy's development since 1995; main per capita aggregates for the 2007-2011 period. For the main GDP aggregates by the production and by the final expenditure approaches, previous year based volume indices, previous year based deflators, ratios and relative shares are published as well. The Production and Generation of income accounts are presented by economic sector and economic activity groupings. Sector accounts are presented in the publication. The publication includes annual financial national accounts. Data on the National accounts for Bulgaria are published in the Statistical Yearbook of Bulgaria, Statistical reference Book of the Republic of Bulgaria, Bulgaria - social - economic development, etc. The results are also available on the NSI website www.nsi.bg.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
Countries: Bulgaria
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