Concepts and definitions

Production of primary energy (row 1): Primary energy refers to energy sources as found in their natural state (as opposed to derived or secondary energy, which is the result of the transformation of primary sources). Production of primary energy refers to the quantity of fuels which are extracted or produced, calculated after any operation for removal of inert matter. In general, production includes the quantities consumed by the producer in the production process (e.g. for heating or operation of equipment or auxiliaries) as well as supplies to other producers of energy for transformation or other uses. Data on the production of hard coal and brown coal refer to coal after washing and screening for the removal of inorganic matter. Production of natural gas liquids, other hydrocarbons, and additives and oxygenates is shown together with the production of crude oil Data for natural gas refer to dry marketable production measured after purification and extraction of natural gas liquids and sulphur. Extraction losses and the amounts that have been reinjected, flared, and vented are excluded. Production includes quantities used within the natural gas industry, in gas extraction, pipeline systems and processing plants. Production of primary electricity refers to gross production of electrical energy of nuclear, hydro (net of pumped hydro production), geothermal, wind, tide, wave, ocean and solar origin. Also included is electricity production from non-specified sources. Production of Biomass and wastes includes only that portion used for fuel purposes. Production of primary heat refers to gross production of heat from nuclear, geothermal, chemical, solar and non-specified sources, including direct use of geothermal and solar thermal heat.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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