Guidance on transformation/dissolution of metals and metal compounds in aqueous media

This Test Guidance is designed to determine the rate and extent to which metals and sparingly soluble metal compounds can produce soluble available ionic and other metal-bearing species in aqueous media under a set of standard laboratory conditions representative of those generally occurring in the environment. Once determined, this information can be used to evaluate the short term and long term aquatic toxicity of the metal or sparingly soluble metal compound from which the soluble species came. This Test Guidance is the outcome of an international effort under the OECD to develop an approach for the toxicity testing and data interpretation of metals and sparingly soluble inorganic metal compounds (SSIMs) (reference 1, this annex and section A9.7 of Annex 9). As a result of recent meetings and discussions held within the OECD and EU, the experimental work on several metals and metal compounds upon which this Test Guidance is based has been conducted and reported (references 5 to 11, this annex).

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