In 1995, the political situation in Central America and the Caribbean continued to improve, with positive developments in a number of areas. The parties to the political process in El Salvador agreed to accelerate implementation of their 1992 Peace Agreement; following the withdrawal of the UN Observer Mission in El Salvador (ONUSAL) at the end of April, the Mission of the UN in El Salvador (MINUSAL) was established to verify the Agreement’s implementation. The negotiating process between the parties to the internal armed conflict in Guatemala continued throughout the year; the UN human rights verification mission in that country verified compliance with the 1994 Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and with human rights aspects of the Agreement on Identity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples, signed in March 1995. The process of transition to a democratic society in Nicaragua was consolidated further and continued to receive international support; in June, the executive and legislative branches in that country reached agreement on the constitutional reform, promulgated in July, which cleared the way for 1996 general elections.

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