During 1997, the continent of Africa continued to experience political instability and human suffering, despite some encouraging developments. Ethnic conflict affected many African nations, particularly those in the Great Lakes region. Throughout the year, the United Nations, mainly through the Security Council, attempted to address comprehensively the challenges facing all the nations of Africa by seeking peaceful solutions to conflicts within and between African States. The Organization collaborated frequently with regional and subregional bodies in efforts to resolve situations in such countries as Liberia, Sierra Leone and the former Zaire (the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and continued to assist the Angolan parties in consolidating peace and national reconciliation. On 25 September, the Council held its first ministerial meeting on Africa to assess the situation on the continent and to re-evaluate the role of the international community in support of Africa’s goals. It requested the Secretary-General to submit in 1998 a report on the sources of conflict in Africa and ways to prevent and address those conflicts.

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