General trends controlling transport growth and demand

Transport sustainability is controlled by socio-economic, demographic and environmental megatrends, i.e. major shifts in economic, social and environmental conditions that can impact people at all levels and transform societies. In recent decades, large sections of the global society have benefited from market access and the dissemination of knowledge and technology, but others remain marginalized. Stronger trade and investment links have augmented global interdependence, but also increased the contagion risks from a financial crisis. Disparate population and economic growth dynamics have resulted in greater income inequalities, whereas environmental degradation has worsened due to non-sustainable production and consumption patterns. At the same time, long term climatic changes and extreme weather events (SREX, 2012; IPCC, 2013) can result in large transport infrastructure damages and costs (UNECE, 2013), and undermine efforts to achieve sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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