About the 1991 edition of the Yearbook

The 1991 Yearbook of the united nations marks the beginning of the publication of a series of new and current editions. Its scope, content and breadth of coverage have been restructured and redefined to enhance its focus on the main issues and activities during the calendar year. It has been designed to serve as the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference tool for use by all who might need readily available information on the activities of the United Nations system and those of each of the related organizations. The timely production of this edition within 1992 reflects the desire and commitment by the Department of Public Information of the United Nations to provide the general public and research community with current information on the activities of the Organization. The efforts to restore the Yearbook to its annual publication cycle imply having to rely on provisional documentation and other materials for the preparation of the required articles, as final versions may not be readily available.

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