Drugs of abuse

Drug abuse and illicit trafficking, accompanied by violence and corruption, remained a serious problem worldwide during 1992. National and international drug control measures that Governments had agreed upon in international conventions and resolutions had not yet yielded to universally visible results and their validity continued to be questioned. In its annual report, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) stated, however, that it was not convinced that valid alternatives to present policies had been found that would meaningfully reverse the situation. The Board felt that world-wide efforts to combat drug abuse and trafficking would have to be continuous, balanced and applied in an internationally concerted manner for further results to be achieved. Drug abuse was closely linked to political, social and economic problems and progress in these areas would undoubtedly help to solve the problem. Positive experiences in the fight against drugs were reported in a number of countries, and INCB suggested that those experiences be carefully examined to determine whether they could be duplicated elsewhere. INCB continued to supervise the implementation of drug control treaties as well as the comprehensive survey of the world-wide drug control situation.

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