Unlocking Markets for Women to Trade

image of Unlocking Markets for Women to Trade

This publication provides insights to decision makers on women's participation in trade and the challenges they face. It outlines where the barriers are, provides data from importers and exports in 20 developing countries, shares models of good public and private sector initiatives, and provides recommendations for policymakers to engage women entrepreneurs more fully in the global economy. The report also provides an overview of initiatives undertaken by trade and investment support institutions, governments and multinationals that aim at facilitating the integration of women-owned businesses in international markets and international value chains. It reveals that multiple actors are taking action in favour of women-owned enterprises' integration in global markets. Some actors rather try to address underlying gender biases while other actors focus on addressing road blocks to integration. The report also highlights that different tools are being used to intervene. This publication will be of interest to policymakers, public and private sector actors, researchers and all stakeholders interested in women's economic empowerment.

Sustainable Development Goals:


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