Declaration of the 1980s as the second disarmament decade

Following a suggestion initially put forward by Romania in the Eighteen-Nation Committee on Disarmament, and a proposal by the Secretary-General in the introduction to his annual report on the work of the Organization for 1968-1969,' the General Assembly adopted resolution 2602 E (XXIV) of 16 December 1969 by which it declared the decade of the 1970s a Disarmament Decade. By the resolution, the Assembly, most notably, requested the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament, while continuing negotiations with a view to reaching agreement on collateral measures, to work out a comprehensive programme which would provide the Committee with a guideline for its future work, and recommended that consideration be given to channelling resources freed through disarmament to promote economic development and, particularly, scientific and technological progress of developing countries. The Assembly also requested the Secretary-General and Governments to publicize the Disarmament Decade in order to acquaint public opinion with its purposes and objectives.

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