Limitation of conventional armaments and the arms trade on a world-wide and regional basis

One of the most disquinting features of the international situation during 1982 was the seemingly endless upward spiral in the quantitative and qualitative arms race, which resulted in annual world-wide military expenditures rising to some $600 billion and involved nearly all countries and regions. Although the arms race continued in both the nuclear and non-nuclear spheres, non-nuclear spending accounted for over four fifths of military expenditures. Nuclear disarmament continued to command highest priority attention in international disarmament efforts, however, because of the uniquely destructive capacity of nuclear weapons which, unlike any other type of weapon, threaten mankind’s very survival. In addition to expressing grave concern about the nuclear arms race, the international community, especially in recent years, has sought to give increased attention to the buildup of other types of weapons which, though less total in their destructive potential, have continued to cause much death and great damage to human beings and their environment.

Related Subject(s): Disarmament
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