This study was prepared under the overall supervision of Susan Stone, Director, Trade and Investment Division (TID) of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), and the substantive direction and guidance of Yann Duval, Chief, Trade Facilitation Unit, TID. The chapter on the state of implementation of trade facilitation and paperless trade was prepared by Yann Duval, Tengfei Wang, Chorthip Utoktham, Dimitra Tsoulou, Pamela Anne Bayona, and Amin Saud Abdulkadir based on the results of the joint United Nations Regional Commissions (UNRCs) Survey on Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade Implementation. The chapter on the impact of trade facilitation and paperless trade implementation on trade costs was prepared by Yann Duval, Chorthip Utoktham and Aman Saggu.

Related Subject(s): International Trade and Finance
Sustainable Development Goals:
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