The missile threat: perceptions and prescriptions

Different perceptions of the problem of missile proliferation make it difficult to focus on precise remedies. The author identifies the root causes of missile proliferation: missile diplomacy is a sign of strength enabling countries to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries; the development, deployment and proliferation of the ballistic missile defence systems (TMD, NMD), there is no international legal agreement prohibiting the proliferation of missiles and there are no agreed criteria in the MTCR controlling the transfer of delivery vehicles capable of carrying WMD The author prescribes several steps that could be taken to tackle the challenge of missile proliferation: fostering an enabling environment conducive to global and regional security; adjusting to another country's legitimate security concerns; abandoning BMD progrmmnes, and making the MTCR more equitable, authoritative, effective and universal.

Related Subject(s): Disarmament
Sustainable Development Goals:
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