Empowerment of women and youth

Two of the defining features of Ban Ki-moon’s decade-long tenure as Secretary-General have been his steady commitment and sedulous championship of the empowerment of both women and youth and his strongly proactive efforts to relocate them from the margins of decision-making and productive activity to becoming equal partners and priority beneficiaries of the transformative change happening within the United Nations and the international community. On numerous occasions he has pledged publicly never to abandon the cause of women’s empowerment and to “always stand with you in the struggle for equality for all women and girls so that we can make this world a better place for all.” He has been equally forceful in his public advocacy that as “the torch-bearers of the new development agenda, youth have a critical role to play in ending poverty, inequality, hunger and environmental degradation. Their actions will be central in ushering in an era in which no one is left behind.”

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