The purpose of the present chapter is to complement the analysis of recent economic trends with some information on the process of social change which is accompanying them. Special attention will be devoted to structural changes in which social and economic causes and effects are interwoven in a single process, so that none of them can be understood in isolation, and to trends in the main sectors of public social action. Bpth these categories of changes find concrete expression in the general direction given to Latin American development policy, of which the following are the salient features: first, the reform and modernization of key institutions—the public administration, the fiscal systems, the systems of land tenure—in order to make them more compatible with dynamic growth and mobilization of resources, and secondly, the expansion and more equitable distribution of public action—in particular, in the policy areas of education, health, housing and social security—in an endeavour to raise levels of living, increase the productivity of human resources and ensure social stability.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
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