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In addition to analysing poverty and income inequality in the region, this edition of the Social Panorama of Latin America focuses on inequalities in the labour market and how they relate to the accessibility of social protection. Its main focus is on pension systems. It explores the coverage and sufficiency of their benefits as well as the inequalities that the design and implementation of such systems can reproduce and augment or, alternatively, reduce. Close attention is paid to the ability of pension systems to contribute to the fulfilment of the right to social security and social protection on the road towards equality in Latin America. The basic premise is that pension systems are essential for the full exercise of the rights of citizenship in that they provide mechanisms that protect incomes in the event of old age, invalidity or death. They therefore play an essential role in safeguarding people’s well-being at times when their ability to earn incomes is curtailed, thereby protecting their social inclusion.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
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