Recommendations on Ageing-Related Statistics

image of Recommendations on Ageing-Related Statistics

Across the UNECE region, and indeed across most of the world, populations are ageing, bringing both challenges and opportunities which require a carefully devised and evidence-based policy response. Ageing affects virtually all domains of society, from labour markets and public finances to health and social cohesion. The need for relevant statistics is therefore equally wide-ranging. Guided by the framework of the UNECE Regional Implementation Strategy for the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing and the Vienna Ministerial Declaration “Ensuring a society for all ages: promoting quality of life and active ageing”, these Recommendations represent the outcome of a multidisciplinary Task Force of statisticians and policymakers. They provide guidance to NSOs for improving the production of ageing-related statistics at all stages of the statistical production cycle, from identification of concepts for measurement, to the communication of results. The publication covers topics related to Demographic measures of ageing, a Longer working life, Social inclusion and subjective well-being, Health and independence in older age, Intergenerational solidarity, Institutional population, and Dissemination and communication.

Related Subject(s): Population and Demography


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