The continuing lack of adequate and reliable statistics makes it difficult to define in quantitative terms the characteristics and post-war trends of manpower and employment in the A FE region. There are, nevertheless, certain distinguishing features of the region’s manpower which can be established even without accurate statistics. The first and most significant feature is that in the region as a whole the supply of manpower is unusually large in relation to available land resources and capital equipment. A second feature is that the supply of manpower, while already large, has been continuously on the increase and that its rate of growth has been considerably faster than that of available land resources and capital equipment. Thirdly, although the total supply of manpower is large, the supply of skilled manpower— manpower trained in modern industrial techniques— is exceedingly small. Finally, as noted in the 1949 Survey, because of the age structure of the population in the region, the supply of manpower tends to be small in relation to the size of the population.

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