The complex archipelagic system of 115 islands, of which 41 are granitic and 74 are coralline in nature, within an exclusive economic zone of about 1.44 million km2, of the Seychelles, is representative of a truly unique Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region. A region that is world-renown for the vast array of habitats with remarkable natural beauty, spectacular biodiversity and rich natural resources. In the WIO region, we are proud of our leadership and history in the management of the marine environment. Our marine protected areas are among the oldest eg Malindi Marine Park in Kenya, established in 1968, and the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles, that was established in 1981 and declared as a World Heritage site in 1982. The Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago in Mozambique is among largest protected area in Africa, covering more than 4020 square miles. The region continues to explore new and innovative options for managing oceans and coasts. We also recognise the transboundary nature of shared ocean resources, and our governments have signed the Nairobi Convention and its protocols as the framework for collaboration in the management of our oceans to sustain cultural and economic opportunities that the marine resources presents to the region as a whole.

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