Water management

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Tajikistan has an abundance of freshwater resources, as water availability is estimated at 981.5 km3/year. More than 1,000 glaciers with a length more than 1.5 km, and snow fields, are registered and have an approximate area of 8,500 km2, which represents 5.6 per cent of the territory of the country. About 576 km3 of water resources reserves are concentrated in glaciers and snow fields. Sixteen glaciers each have a length more than 16 km. In 2014, the largest glacier, Fedchenko Glacier, had a volume of 93.6 km3 while the second largest, Grumm-Grzymailo Glacier, had a volume of 22.5 km3.

Related Subject(s): Environment and Climate Change
Countries: Tajikistan
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