Note on documentation

Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and the Trusteeship Council are referred to in this Yearbook by their official numbers. The number of the session at which the resolution was adopted appears in parenthesis: thus, the General Assembly’s resolution 502 (VI) is its 502nd, adopted at its sixth session; the Economic and Social Council’s resolution 368 (XIII) is its 368th, adopted at its thirteenth session; and the Trusteeship Council’s resolution 310 (VIII) is its 310th, adopted at its eighth session. The context indicates which organ is referred to. In the case of the Security Council, the document citation of the original mimeographed resolution is given. These resolutions are, in general, reproduced in printed form in the Official Records; they are also collected in single mimeographed documents: S/INF/6 covers resolutions adopted during 1951. In the case of the International Court of Justice, the official citations are given for documents cited.

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