Mainstreaming into sector strategies and subnational plans and budgets

For mainstreaming efforts made during the national policy, planning and budgeting processes to produce environmental sustainability and poverty reduction results, sector strategies and subnational plans must be implemented and monitored. This involves a two-way process, influenced by the national context, in which sector strategies and subnational plans inform national planning and vice versa. This chapter examines incorporating pro-poor, gender-responsive environmental measures in sector strategies, including sector-relevant tools and examples. It then focuses on issues of governance and how centralized or decentralized systems affect responses to mainstreaming from the national to the local level. The chapter points out the significance of local government and looks at its various regulatory, planning and service delivery functions with an eye to how mainstreaming at the subnational level can be undertaken. It concludes with ecosystem-based approaches and experiences to inform subnational-level development planning and budgeting.

Related Subject(s): Environment and Climate Change
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