The World Investment Report 2004 (WIR04) was prepared – under the overall direction of Karl P. Sauvant – by a team comprising Persephone Economou, Kumi Endo, Torbjörn Fredriksson, Masataka Fujita, Kálmán Kalotay, Michael Lim, Padma Mallampally, Anne Miroux, Abraham Negash, Hilary Nwokeabia, Shin Ohinata, Jean François Outreville, Kee Hwee Wee, James Xiaoning Zhan and Zbigniew Zimny. Specific inputs were prepared by Diana Barrowclough, Sirn Byung Kim, Nicole Moussa, Ludger Odenthal, Satwinder Singh, Elisabeth Tuerk and Katja Weigl.

Related Subject(s): International Trade and Finance
Sustainable Development Goals:
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