Reflections of economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean

In recent years, ECLAC has published several studies and organized two seminars on economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the first seminar, held in 2003, Solimano and Soto (2006) presented stylized facts revealing that the economic growth of Latin American countries has been very uneven and volatile. Since 1980, growth has slowed and there have been significant differences in the relative performance of the region’s countries. Also presented at the seminar was a series of regional studies analysing the economic growth of each country. In other studies commissioned by ECLAC, Gutiérrez (2005) provided data on the impact of investment and other variables on growth, and went on to analyse the determining factors of the level of savings and how this ties in with economic growth (Gutiérrez, 2007b).

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
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